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Commercial Litigation & Arbitration

We are specialize in Commercial Litigation focusing on Account Receivable (AR) Claim. We understand every AR has its own characteristic and to optimize the chances of getting Settlement, the Claim proceeding has to be Structured and Strategies in such way and adjusted to the evidences possessed by Claimant.


Majority of our Successful Settlement is through Bankruptcy Petition (or Suspension of Debt Payment) and Commercial Criminal Case.

Bankruptcy & Suspension of Debt Payment

Bankruptcy and Suspension of Debt Payment are the most effective and efficient way in getting Successful Settlement of AR Claim. The advantage of time frame given in the such petition is 60 days for Bankruptcy and 20 days for Suspension of Debt Payment, for the Debtor to resolve the AR Claim to avoid further risk “force by court decision” to resolve all Debt in Debtor’s Financial Statement including all Debt which are not yet due.

Commercial Criminal Case

Commercial Criminal Case is our 2nd most effective and efficient way in getting Settlement of AR Claim. Many of AR characteristic are likely similar to criminal element of embezzlement or fraud, therefore can be solve through Commercial Criminal Case. Having experiences and practices in Commercial Criminal Case and also Academically in Master of Police Science (collaborate with Police University), our Partners has both Knowledge (know-how) and Good Network as Your Legal Solution.

Shipping & Maritime Law

Majority of our Clients came from Shipping Industry. Our Partners’ have background and professional experiences in handling numbers of public listed Shipping Company related with Freight Claims, Demurrage/Detention Claims, Cargo Claims, Sell & Purchase of Vessels, Ship Re-Flagging, Ship Mortgage, Charter Party Contract, Maritime Lien, Collision and Salvage, also Marine Insurance.

Property & Land

We have represented numbers of prestigious Developer and have experienced in Land Acquisition, Build Operate and Transfer (BOT) Project, Joint Venture, Special Lease Contract. One of our Partner was former Head Legal Division of the biggest Property and Real Estate Development and Investment Company in Indonesia.

Mining & Natural Resources

We are specialize also in Mining and Land Acquisition Projects. We assist Mining Companies in Legal Due Diligence (LDD) Enquiries of Relevant Official, such as Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, Directorate General Mining and Coal, Official of Forestry, Plantation, Spatial Planning, Province, Regency, and also Agreement drafting.

General Corporate

One of our earlier Clients had engaged us for assisting in Legal Due Diligence and Legal Opinion of their Commercial Transaction. We have assisted wide range of Clients from Foreign Overseas Clients, Group Corporations, Public Companies, and Individual Entrepreneurs


Our Partners are Certified as Legal and Tax Auditor, and also having Master of Business Master which gave us sharp Business perspective and understanding in achieving Client’s Commercial Objective through Negotiation in Executing the Transaction.  

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